Creating The City of Evil: Taking Avenged Sevenfold into The Metaverse.

Inside NABIYA’s creation process #1

The Avenged Sevenfold experience has been available on The Sandbox for a month. We hope you’ve had a great time playing it.

A7X on The sandbox trailer
How to smooth out blocky effect: make a whole asset

Not just a band

Five members claiming they have all been kicked out of Catholic school. The names of their band and guitarist coming straight out of the Bible :

Deathbats : Bats away to strengthen ties with the community

In December 2021, A7X’s NFT collection ‘’The Deathbats’’, 10,000 tokens inspired by the band’s logo, It’s a PFP (Profile Picture) collection, with various traits and rarities, aiming to reward their community members with some A7X collectibles, but also to help them make their first steps in the web3.



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Creating games and building ambitious architectural projects on the decentralized metaverse. Currently working on our title ELEMENTS for The Sandbox.